Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Madrid - Plaza Mayor

It's been a while since I've posted an update. I've been busy with flying, training, and activities with my kids..

Here are a few pic's from Madrid. I've been getting over there several times a month, sometimes spending 2 days on layover. I love Madrid and its laid-back atmosphere for a big city. I'm guilty of doing a lot of tourista activities, to include eating in the area of the Plaza Mayor.

There are some great places to run in Madrid, the most popular being Parque Retiro in the center of the city. While running a several mile loop around the park, I always see elderly people out walking and socializing. It's something you don't see to the same extent in the U.S. or most big cities throughout Europe. Madrid has a high crime rate (mostly petty thefts), but that apparently doesn't discourage these pensioners from getting out and staying active. I aspire to spend my golden years in such an engaged way.

All pictures are from the Mercado de San Miguel (near Plaza Mayor) on a recent Saturday night:

Lots of seafood stands
Packed on a weekend night
Tapas everywhere
Iberian ham
Sea urchin!!