Friday, December 21, 2012

Grand Slam of the World is On

Ultrarunning's Grand Slam of the World is on for 2013! This will be the inaugural year of a race series of four of the toughest, big mountain 100 mile ultra's in the world that I will attempt in one calendar year. The series will begin in April with the Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji. Then in July, it will be the Hardrock 100 back in my old stomping grounds in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. After nearly 7 weeks of letting my quads recover, I'll be in Chamonix and the Alps for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. To finish things up will be a trip to the South America for La MisiĆ³n in the Patagonia region of Argentina in December.

Combined, the four races will cover four continents, six countries, 400 miles and over 120,000' of climb. I'll be the first to attempt it.

Now, for the background. The sport of of ultrarunning recognizes a variety of race series known as “slams” (e.g. the venerable Grand Slam of Ultrarunning first run in 1986), which consist of four 100 mile races in the U.S. completed in a calendar year. However, the sport of ultrarunning has seen tremendous international growth in recent years and the development of some spectacular and punishing mountain ultra’s. I seek to recognize the “slam” as a truly international endeavor and do so with the sport's most challenging events. The Grand Slam of the World is also an opportunity to experience different cultures around the world and share the love of the mountains and endurance running with others in the sport.

The Grand Slam of the World has been recognized by the sport's record-keeper on such things at (thanks, Stan).